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Our Pastor, Dr. Warren E. Meeks, Sr. was born to James E. and Bernice Meeks in Rochester, New York on January 15, 1960. He met his soul mate, Perdita Marcel in 1980 and shortly thereafter, they were married on December 19, 1981. As a young man, Dr Meeks received Christ as the head of his life. The Lord has blessed them with five children and
several grandchildren.

Since accepting Christ in to his life in 1988, Dr. Warren E. Meeks, Sr. has continued to be a great servant of the Lord.  In 1992, he became the Senior Pastor and Founder of New Born Fellowship Christian Center (NBFCC), Inc. This ministry is called to build and enhance family values, improve family structure, and strengthen the family

Dr. Meeks is dedicated to teaching the Word of God, rightly dividing the Word of Truth. He does this in such a unique way, that it has caused hundreds of men and women alike to make a lifetime commitment of sustaining a personal relationship with God. It is proven that Dr. Meeks is called of God to build people of purpose, power and praise, which create strong family foundations.

Through the vision that God has given Dr. Meeks, several outreach
ministries have been developed in order to strengthen the family
structure. The Home Economics and Finance Ministry, Project Uplift
Ministry and Nehemiah’s Restoration are just a few of the powerful ministries God has called to NBFCC. The Couples Ministry and The Youth Empowerment Zone are a couple of his favorites.


Dr. Warren E. Meeks , Sr. is a compassionate family man, who is dedicated to building strong marriages and family unity. With our set man of God leading the way, New Born Fellowship Christian Center, Inc. will continue to be “A Church Like No Other”.